What is Bittivirta?

Bittivirta is sole trader company, founded in 2016 as 4H company. We have sold services for web design, then hosting and game servers all the way to live video productions and event technical productions. As of January 2018 Bittivirta got it's sole trader status and as of January 2021 quit as 4H company, since we reached 4H company selling limit.

The most important aim of ours is customer oriented approach, quality and ease of use. These are the values we are not planning to give up on. We are ready to provide the best possible customer experience you've ever experienced!

We got the idea to start selling game server hosting as we had our own Minecraft server and we got our own, dedicated server machine. We thought we would want to utilize the space we didn't need and soon the demand grew - and we needed more servers.

We started to offer web hosting since we have sold website design services and always our customers asked where they'll host their websites. We fed up hearing bad stories about other hosting providers and thought we want to make things better. Now we sell one of the most inexpensive, but yet the best of servers in the market of Finland (and maybe in other countries as well?).

Our values

Customer Service

We want to create customer relationships that have not been yet seen. We believe that we are able to help customers in more personal level.


We want to sell services that are not toys. Our services are powerful tools and services which are high in quality. We will not sell trash, not now nor ever.

Easy use

We want to offer the most easy to use services, as possible. We will also provide clear instructions how to use our services.

Who we are?

Juuso Korhonen


Software engineer student, ICT professional, who didn't stick up having a Minecraft-server

Patrick Lagerkrans

Customer Support Agent

Patrick is multitalented seafarer student and is involved Bittivirta's activities for some reason.

Niko Nevalainen

Server Technician

If breaking everything were a profession, Niko would be the best at it. How ever, this is an unbeatable skill in testing.

Mikko Salonen

Server Technician

Wise ICT professional and BBA student who have clear vision about how information technology and servers do work.

Patrik Tuominen

Customer Support Agent

South boy who have infiltrated to north side of Finland to develop a thousand projects at the same time.

Santeri Laine

Live Productions

Live- and sound technology productions helper with a ICT professional degree.

Beta testers

Beta testers are a group whom have helped Bittivirta staff with
new feature developing and testing.